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[ORE] Do you let NPCs use Shaking It Off?

I was just curious how often you have NPCs use Willpower for Shaking It Off or the like? Do you consider it an ability the character has that they'd be foolish not to use, or a partially out of game construct meant to facilitate play?

Your average metahuman has at least 4 Base Will, which they could burn for 40 Willpower, which translates to negating 20 points of killing damage. Many metahumans will have a lot more Will than that - that can translate to everyone being ridiculously durable even if at the cost of their long term will.

For myself, I tend to let my NPCs burn Willpower for Shaking It Off relatively freely, but I don't generally have them burn Base Will for Willpower, even in a life or death situation. Better to actually have NPCs that actually, y'know, die sometimes.

What about you?

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