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[Seattle Go Center] 24th Anniversary Tournament, Party, and Raffle!

Greetings Fellow Go Fans,

I have exciting news about events celebrating 24 years of Seattle Go Center!

   The 24th Anniversary Tournament will be Sunday, October 6. Register
at the Go Center, 10:00-10:30 AM; first round (of three total) starts
11:00.  $15 to play ($10 for Youth and voting members) includes pizza
lunch, and a chance to win *fabulous* prizes!
   You must have current membership in the American Go Association to
play -- see https://www.usgo.org/join-now to join online (and please
consider choosing to affiliate your membership with "Seattle AGA
Chapter" -- it helps us earn reimbursements for various Go activities).
   Prizes:  Books about Go for the Handicap section; and $150 cash for
the Open section.  The Open section is limited to the eight
highest-rated players participating.  Anyone who wins all three of their
games may choose a prize, and there will be a special cash prize for the
highest-rated Youth player who wins all three games.
   Raffle tickets (see below) will be available for purchase at the

Party and Raffle
   The 24th Anniversary Party will be Saturday, October 12.  The Go
Center will be open at 1:00, and food will be served at 5:00. For this
event, we have a state banquet license, so it's okay to bring your own
   As a fundraiser, the Go Center is raffling a kaya floor Go board
valued at $4500.  The board is 15 cm thick and stands on four legs.  It
has good color and nice "chasing masa" grain, and has never been used. 
Kenji Miyake helped select it, and it has been donated to the Go
Center.  The second prize (value estimated at $200) is a set of slate
and shell stones in wooden bowls.  The stones have been used, and some
are chipped.  There are 180 white and 172 black stones, approximately
#31 thickness.  The third prize is a travel-size magnetic Go set ($25
   Raffle tickets can be purchased when the Go Center office is open --
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and at the tournament Sunday. 
Raffle tickets are $20 each, and a maximum of 250 tickets will be sold
(due to federal and state laws concerning raffles).  The raffle will be
cancelled, and ticket payments refunded, if we sell fewer than 50 tickets.
   Winning tickets will be drawn at random after dinner at the
Anniversary Party on October 12, 2019.  Winner need not be present to win.

There will be a separate email soon with other (non-anniversary)

See you at the tournament and party,

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs Manager

PS - Why was the Go player's neighbor angry?
(He saw her breaking his ladder.)
Thanks, Nick!

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