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[Seattle Go Center] Programming class; Mox Boarding House; tournament and raffle report

Hello fellow Go fans,

Here's the Go Center news I've got for you today.

Programming Computer Go restarts today
   Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM
Re-beginning today, Drew Barnett will lead a series of sessions at the
Go Center on Programming Computer Go, based on the book "Deep Learning
and the Game of Go".  Participants will learn to program their own
go-playing bot in Python, using Artificial Intelligence / Machine
Learning techniques.  You don't have to be an expert programmer to
attend.  If you have an interest in programming computers to play Go,
you should come!  Feel free to bring your laptop computer.

Outreach today at Mox Boarding House (Ballard)
   5105 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
Mox Boarding House is an awesome gaming venue, featuring an extensive
games library and a restaurant.  Volunteers from Seattle Go Center will
visit Mox to share the game of Go with new players.  Join us there for
fun games, good food and drink, and a convivial atmosphere.  We'll be
there 3:30-9:00 PM.  Feel free to drop in for a brief visit, or stay and
play the night away!


24th Anniversary Tournament report
   The Go Center celebrated our 24th anniversary with a Go tournament
on October 6.  Nick Wilmes, your stalwart AGA chapter representative,
handled the tournament director duties admirably. Altogether, 40 Go
players contested at least one of the three rounds.  Nine of the
thirty-two players in the Handicap section were "Youth" members; and six
of the eight "Open" section were youth.
   In the Handicap section, strengths ranged from 17 kyu to 3 dan; and
the field was large enough that almost all games were played with a
handicap of 2 or less.  Three-game winners in the Handicap section
were:  Brendan Roof 1d, Lucy Lu Wang 2k, David Snow 5k, Emma Huang 12k
(who also won the Youth prize), and Derek Wisher 14k.
   The winner of the Open section was Haichen Zhu 7 dan.

Raffle winners
   At the anniversary party on October 12, the lucky winners of our
fundraising raffle were chosen at random.
Magnetic travel Go set ($25) - Jared Roach
Vintage slate and shell stones in wood bowls ($200) - Matthew Palmer
Kaya floor-style goban with clear chasing masa grain ($4500) - Qilu Chen
   The raffle seemed to be popular.  We sold 86 tickets, which brought
in over $1700 for the Go Center, so we'll probably try to do it again
next year.  So if you have any fabulous surplus items Go players would
like to win in a raffle, please consider donating them to the Go Center!

See you soon at the Go Center,

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs Manager

PS - What's a Go player's favorite dairy product?

(Whey cheese.)

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