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[Seattle Go Center] Programming Computer Go; Mox Boarding House; Bellevue?; party Saturday; Shoreline Sunday; Pair Go Dec.

Hello Fellow Go Fans,

We have the "Programming Computer Go" class relaunch and outreach at Mox
Boarding House to announce; and a question about Go in Bellevue.  Plus
reminders about the weekend, and an early announcement about the Pair Go
event in December.

Programming Computer Go class reboots October 23
Wednesdays, starting Oct. 23, 6:30-8:30 PM (at the Go Center)
Based on this book:
    Back by popular demand, Drew Barnett will lead a series of sessions
at the Go Center on Programming Computer Go, based on the book "Deep
Learning and the Game of Go".  Participants will learn to program their
own go-playing bot in Python, and make it progressively better at
defeating humans in a simulated war for the control of finite resources,
using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques.  Meetings
will be Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, beginning October 23.
    You don't have to be an expert programmer to attend.  If you have
an interest in programming computers to play Go, you should come!  Feel
free to bring your laptop computer.

Outreach at Mox Boarding House games store
Wed., October 23, 3:30-9:00 PM
5105 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
   Mox Boarding House is a large store devoted to tabletop games, with
a games library, an integrated restaurant and pub, and rooms that can be
reserved for private games events. The Go Center has been invited to
introduce Go at the Ballard location on Wednesday, October 23, from 3:30
to 9:00 PM.  Join us there for a fun evening, and help new players learn
to love Go!

Go in Bellevue
    Many of us remember the Go meetup at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue
that ran for several years.  I've been approached by someone who would
like to revive a Go meetup there; but she travels for work sometimes,
and for this to work, she needs help from a small group of dedicated
volunteers.  If you live or work near Crossroads Mall, and you can
commit to being there for two or three hours, at least once or twice a
month, please let us know at programs@SeattleGo.org
    Also, Yulissa (who plays at many Go Center tournaments, and helps
at outreach events) is organizing a Go Club at Odle Middle School in
Bellevue, and seeks a volunteer or two to help with coaching.  The times
are flexible, and open to discussion.  If you're available to help,
please contact wuxj108@hotmail.com or programs@SeattleGo.org or
    Meanwhile, I've heard of a group of Go players that meets Saturdays
in Bellevue, 1:00-5:00 PM, at Kin On/ASCF Community Center Go Club,
15921 NE 8th St, C-206, Bellevue WA 98008.  I don't have much
information about them, so if you go there, please let us know what it's

Party and Fundraising Raffle Saturday Oct. 12
    Our 24th Anniversary Party will be Saturday, October 12 at the Go
Center.  Doors open for casual games at 1:00, and Thai food will be
served at 5:00.  We have a banquet permit for this event, so you can
bring alcohol.  After dinner, we'll hold the raffle drawing.  There are
three prizes -- a magnetic travel Go set (valued at $25); a set of used
slate and shell Go stones ($200); and a beautiful kaya floor Go board,
with clear grain on all six sides, never used ($4500).  As of Thursday
night, 42 tickets had been sold; and the maximum that we can sell is 250
tickets. Tickets will be available for purchase Saturday, from 1 PM
until just before the drawing.  (Face-to-face sales only.)

Outreach at Shoreline Public Library Games Day
Shoreline Library, 345 NE 175th St., Shoreline, WA 98155
Sunday, Oct. 13, 12:00-3:00 PM
    Shoreline Library continues their monthly "Games Day", and we're
again invited to introduce Go to new players.  This event is mostly
attended by kids and their parents who are (1) interested in games, and
(2) ready to get off the couch, look up from the screen, and go out into
the world for face-to-face interaction with other humans.  In other
words, the next generation of tournament Go players!  (Having said that,
attendance at this event has varied.  Sometimes it's just 5 or 6 people;
and sometimes it's been several dozen.)

Pair Go -- Sat., December 7
    Save the date!  Pair Go, the "mixed doubles" of Go, is lots of fun,
and you won't want to miss this great holiday event.  Two rounds of Pair
Go, cake, prizes, and laughter!  $10 general admission ($5 for Go Center
voting members and Youth 17 and younger).  We will be following
International Pair Go Rules <http://www.pairgo.or.jp/setumei/rule.htm>.
For this event, each two-player team is composed of different genders. 
(There's also a Rengo event in Spring, where two-player teams are
composed without regard to gender.)  Team members may be of any age --
kids are welcome to play!
   Registration will be from 5:00 to 5:30 PM at the Go Center on the
day of the tournament, Saturday, Dec. 7.  We will finish around 10 PM. 
This is not an official Pair Go competition, so formal dress is
encouraged, but not required.

See you soon at the Go Center (and/or at an outreach event)!

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs Manager

PS - Why did the Go player start crying?

(She was in a sente mental mood.)
Thanks, Ned!

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