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[Seattle Go Center] Weekend schedule update

Hello Go fans, after talking more with Myungwan Kim 9p, here is
the corrected schedule for Saturday and Sunday.

Sat. 1pm-3pm
Simuls with Myungwan Kim
There has been a strong response, and we have two slots left.
To sign up, email:

Sat. 3pm-5pm
Connect Go with Myungwan Kim
Mr. Kim will present a talk about Connect Go, a form of Go made
more accessible.

Sat. 5-5:30pm

Sat. 5:30-7:30pm
Lecture by Myungwan Kim
Pro game analysis using AI and the difference from human.

Sun. Tournament
Myungwan Kim will give a few brief reviews of games from the
first round of play.

Mon. 6:30-8:30pm
Myungwan Kim guest lectures at Nick Sibicky's "Double Digit
Kyu" class.

I'll email again soon (preview: Connect Go on Tuesday; simuls
on Thursday evening)

See you soon at the Go Center,

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs

email: programs@SeattleGo.org
web: www.SeattleGo.org
Go Center phone: 206-545-1424

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