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[Seattle Go Center] NO DDK CLASS TONIGHT! Exhibition Game Next Week!

Greetings Go Fans-
We will have an unofficial start to the 2020 Double-Digit Kyu Class Schedule next week where we will play an exhibition game for your enjoyment. The following week is the MLK holiday, and then the class will have its "official" start on the 27th. 

So, the next two months look like this:

Jan 6 - No Class
Jan 13 - Exhibition Game
Jan 20 - No Class (MLK)
Jan 27 - Pro Game Review
Feb 3 - Joseki Lecture pt 1
Feb 10 - Joseki Lecture pt 2  
Feb 17 - No Class (President's Day)
Feb 24 - Life and Death Workshop

Happy New Year!
-Nick Sibicky

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