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More about [Seattle Go Center] Wed SDK class: live demo dan level game

Hi Go Players,


It's great to have Jonathan Cheng teaching again at the Go Center on Wednesdays.  His previous class helped students a lot.


As it turns out, we have two members from China who go by "Bob".  This Wednesday, Jonathan will be playing Bob (Mingcun) Fan, who also volunteers on Thursday afternoons, and sometimes on Saturdays.  Our other Bob from China is Bob (Guangqiu) Liang, who is also a strong player.  He won the Open Section of the Jin Chen Tournament in 2019.







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Hi Go Players!

This coming Wednesday, we are lucky to have Bob (Chinese 4 dan) as a guest to play a demo game with me in front of the class! We will think out loud so that the audience can get some insight into the dan-level ideas in Go. For the second half of the lecture time we can do game reviews for students or students can play among themselves.

If you are new to my lectures and plan on coming, I'd appreciate if you email me your:
1) name and rank
2) Go questions or challenges that you face (or a recent game you've played)

My email address: sls19050@gmail.com

I want to come up with lectures that is of your interest! Thank you!




P.S. FYI, the Wednesday class has been officially renamed as the "SDK class", because its content is a bit advanced for the DDK's.

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