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[Seattle Go Center] Closed Thursday; and new COVID-19 limitations

Hello fellow Go enthusiasts,

Seattle Go Center will be closed tomorrow (Thursday March 12). This is because two of our three regular Thursday managers are not coming in.

The Seattle / King County Public Health Dept., and Washington State Health Dept., have issued new emergency guidance for the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak.  Much of our member population are in at-risk groups, and there are risks associated with contact and gathering together.
New limits and guidance linked at www.kingcounty.gov/covid
  • There should not be gatherings of 250+ people
  • Gatherings of fewer than 250 people need special precautions:
    • Wash hands on entry
    • Social distancing recommendations must be met (i.e., limit contact of people within 6 feet from each other for 10 minutes or longer)
    • Employees must be screened for coronavirus symptoms each day and excluded if symptomatic [I'm still checking, but I think "screened" means asking questions like "have you been coughing" and "do you feel like you have a fever"]
    • Frequently disinfect surfaces people touch
    • Provide hand sanitizer
    • Post "wash hands" signage
    • Increase ventilation
    • Encourage people to stay away if they (or someone they live with / care for) is at increased risk of severe illness, or if they're coughing / sneezing / feverish / short of breath
Some of these things we've done already.  We reduced the Go sets per table, so there'll be more space between games.  (But the two players still are in relatively close proximity.)  Brian sanitized most of the Go stones, and Brian and I have been sanitizing faucets, doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, refrigerator handles, hot water button, etc.  (But probably not often enough to meet best practice guidelines.)  Brian washed all the tablecloths and cushion covers.
Some of these things we haven't done (signs, hand sanitizer; and I guess we can make a practice of opening windows, even when it's cold outside).
With all that in mind, expect announcements soon about how the Go Center will be operating over the next weeks and possibly months.  And please, stay safe.
See you soon (possibly? I hope) at the Go Center,

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs Manager

email: programs@SeattleGo.org
web: www.SeattleGo.org
Go Center phone: 206-545-1424

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