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[ORE] new cultist here with some questions

Hello fellow Cult Members!

After many years of enduring resistance I embraced ORE, and I have a questions as I am converting a setting for the use of ORE. Forgive my beginners question, but I am lowly acolyte. :)

1. Stacking armour

Is there some link between the amount of LAR and HAR that can be stacked? Switch switch a hit location to HAR from LARm and  may lighten the load in certain circumstances. Actually, not a big deal, as in a futuristic settings one rule that most hit location get a free LAR 1 which does not count to the stacking total.

2. HAR and LAR

I am converting armours (military combat suits and power armor). With the introduction or HAR as "Wall of Steel" the linearity is not that easy as in Nemeses was. In Wild Talents a Class IV vest is HAR 1. I was just wondering if that is the route I want to go. Getting hit even with a class IV vest will bruise you. So, I am thinking leaving none powered combat suits LAR only (even if they have plates inside like), and using HAR armour for Power Armour, against which one needs explosive or penetrating weapons anyway. Any suggestion or experience with similar experiments?


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