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[Seattle Go Center] Annual Meeting on Zoom August 25 at 7 PM

Dear Members,

The annual meeting of the Seattle Go Center is usually a face to face event in March. This is the meeting where the membership gets reports on the status of the Go Center, and elects at least three Directors to our nine member Board.
Due to Covid-19 precautions, we have been putting the face to face meeting off. Last week, the Board of Directors decided to hold the annual meeting via Zoom. So:

The Nihon Ki-in Go Institute of the West, doing business as the Seattle Go Center, will hold its annual membership meeting electronically via Zoom Video Communications on Tuesday, August 25, at 7 PM. The Zoom link will be sent out via this email list several times before the meeting. All members are welcome to attend the meeting via Zoom. Lifetime Members and paid up Yearly Members can vote in the Board Elections. (Some quarterly members can also vote, but we don't have any quarterly members right now, so we won't trouble you with those details.)

If you are a voting member, please attend the Zoom meeting if you can. To meet our quorum requirements, we need to have 25% of our 57 current voting members attend. Rounding up, that would be 15 members in attendance. If you cannot attend, please consider giving your proxy vote to somebody who will be attending. This transfer can be documented by sending an email to manager@seattlego.org

If you have questions about your membership, or about using Zoom, feel free to contact me. We hope to see you via Zoom at the Annual Meeting on Aug. 25!


Brian Allen
Operations Manager
Seattle Go Center
206 545-1424 (Go Center)
206 632-1122 (home office)

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