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[ORE] Re: ORE Character Creator & Roller - live

Hi Cgeist7
I have been using frequently recently and there are a few things that I wanted to say.
1) It's really useful. I've been using it for any character creation instead of using the official character sheet since it's a lot more useful and clear for beginners. most of all when playing online, which I've been doing a couple of times.
2)  I took a while to realise how to add expert/master dice, but now I got the hang of it. I just don't know if the fact that I have to decide which number I want defined by the special dice has to be chosen at the creation of that hyperskill is as useful as it could be, but I've been rolling outside anyway so it went well.
3) For Reign I don't see anyway to create the exoteric skills/martial paths/spells unless using the powers which were clearly made with Wild Talents in mind. Once again it wasn't that bad since I prefer to hand the players those special abilities in an extra sheet.
4) The one thing I think could be reviewed is the point-buy cost of each thing. The skills are costing 2 points instead of one. The rest seems to be right.
5) The only sad part is that it is down again xD. Is that a normal thing to happen in regular periods of time?

Thank you for your good work and if you could see how it goes back up again i would be ecstatic : )

A segunda-feira, 6 de julho de 2020 à(s) 20:18:40 UTC+1, Dimitri escreveu:
It was down for a while, but we noticed it's back up. thank you!

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