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[Seattle Go Center] Osaka Online Go School

Hello Seattle Go Players,


We are boosting the signal on Maeda Sensei's Osaka International Go School starting next week.  Every month there are 4 games with other students (all games reviewed), 2 lectures, and one simul game with a pro (also reviewed).  The cost is $100/mo if you sign up for more than one month, and there is a price for just viewing lectures and game reviews.  This is from the AGA EJournal, with link to the web site to sign up:


After the popular Osaka Go Camp was cancelled for the 2020 year due to COVID-19, organizer Maeda Ryo 6P has decided to organize and open a new online Go school for players of all levels. The International Osaka Go School will allow members to play four reviewed league games amongst each other, play one teaching game with a professional, and attend two lectures per month. Teachers include Maeda Ryo 6P, Francis Meyer 1P, and Ting Li 1P of the Kansai-Kiin. Interested players should visit the International Osaka Go School’s website for more details and to sign up. Any players who sign up for two full months of the school will be eligible for a discount of 10000JPY off of registration for the next Osaka Go Camp, to be held during the summer of 2021.


Bill Chiles, having attended the Osaka Go Camp three times, says it should be quite fun, a nice encouraging atmosphere, and excellent pro explanations and reviews.





Brian Allen

Operations Manager

Seattle Go Center

206 545-1424 (Go Center)

206 632-1122 (home office)


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