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Re: [ORE] [Godlike] Is this character built correctly?

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 3:07 AM, John Doe <erikstutzman@hotmail.com> wrote:

My book says the same-but immediately afterward only lists Command 6-10. I presumed that meant that 1-5 still applied the Base Will bonus. So if his 'natural' Command was higher he would have more Base Will?

​That's how I've always ruled.

You're allowed to add regular dice to stats as part of your miracle by spending Will Points. Those extra dice are part of your hyperstat. Even if all they did was raise your stat from 2d to 3d, they're still part of your hyperstat. If you're hit by a Zed, you lose those points.

Those points spent on Coordination are still part of the character's hyperstat. They don't add to Base Will. If you want to get your Base Will up through Command, you need to spend stat points (meaning you have fewer points to spend on other stats).

My book says that after the game session any number of stats (or skills) can be raised by any number of points, while during the session either one skill or one stat may be raised by one point only.
I don't see any limitation on Talent abilities beyond the Will cost no matter when they are bought- during the session or after. 
​From the new edition:

"However, during any given combat or crisis you can improve only a single score—a stat, a skill, a Talent power, or Base Will—and by only one level."

​"If your character has a few days of down time between missions, you can spend any amount of experience points on any number of stats and skills. However, you can never spend Will points to improve an ability in down time between missions.​"

​"You can improve a Hyperskill, Hyperstat or Miracle by one level (whether that's a normal die, a Hard Die or a Wiggle Die) by spending Will points equal to the ordinary cost of the new die... Experience points cannot improve Talent powers."

Allan Goodall            http://www.hyperbear.com

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