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[ORE] Really really dangerously useful powers

I was wondering how people handled powers that were not attacks directly, but were essentially indirect one-hit kills. Do you let people build those with Useful and just call it Dangerously Useful, or do you do things like build it was Attacks and Non-Physical and If/Then (If it doesn't kill the target in one shot it has no effect) or the like?

I'm thinking of those powers like projective teleporters - boom, I teleport you to Pluto. In a lot of campaigns - at least ones where folks who can survive on Pluto and then somehow get back to Earth are rare - that's a one-hit kill.

I don't know if it is especially unbalanced or the like - after all, they still have to tag you with a set (presumably you can still *dodge* Useful effects). If it were an attack, you'd have to buy Non-Physical to bypass armor and all that stuff, but for the Useful effect you're probably spending more points getting the capacities up to snuff than you would on Non-Physical anyways.

I'm just kind of curious how other GMs treat those kinds of things.

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