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[ORE] [Progenitor] Gods & G-Men - The first batch of Inheritors, a whole bunch of G-Men

(Let me know if this type of thing is annoying folks on the listserv, but personally seeing the types of stuff people build for their campaigns and tossing in suggestions is some of the fun of this list for me :) If you just want to throw power suggestions at me, scroll to the bottom of this e-mail to see the NPCs I'm currently generating powers for! )

So, two sessions in, my players have resisted all temptation to use their powers willy-nilly. The FBI Agents have mostly been like "We need to keep this contained and find out what's happening. We need go ahead from higher up before we do anything radical." So they haven't had any random power offspring popping up yet.

Instead, there's been a line that kind of looks like the one Amanda Sykes had when she went to volunteer in Vietnam - basically proving their powers to people going on up the chain. All the people who've caught super thus far have caught it from Simcoe - her Projective Empathy power is the only one that you sort of need to experience to believe.

So first things first, they called up the Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago Field Office, Melvin Johnson, and told him to come by the safe house they were at. It took some cajoling, because he's a busy man, but one of the Special Agents basically did the "You're my boss' boss, there's no way I'd ask you for this if it wasn't very important" thing, and SAC Johnson did the "Okay, but there's going to be trouble if I drive out there and this is a waste of my time."

So SAC Johnson shows up, along with his assistant/driver, Special Agent Alfred Higgens. They both get the Projective Empathy power demonstrated on them, they both catch super.

SAC Johnson doesn't want to run the risk of calling up Director Hoover to repeat this stuff and not be believed (heh), so he arranges for them all to fly out to the crime lab in DC so there can be some tests run, more people witness things, and a paper trail established so if their powers evaporate or the like before they get to Hoover it won't just look like SAC Johnson is crazy.

So they get to the crime lab, and once again demonstrate their powers, this time on Special Agent Ron Taylor who is in charge of the crime lab. He catches super. They spend a couple of days running various tests and such (and indulging the players in the "Let's see just how much I can lift!" fun). They actually manage to avoid infecting any more special agents, but do infect one member of the support staff - Ruby Walker, SA Taylor's secretary.

Next session, Taylor is taking them downstairs to meet Director Hoover, who is going to be way less surprised than they might think.

So I've got four people to make up powers for:

SAC Melvin Johnson - older agent, near retirement. I found an article in the Chicago Tribune which was all about Johnson talking about how important it is for FBI men to be well-dressed. I figure he's very concerned with appearances and being professional. By the book and relatively risk adverse. I'm thinking at the very least he's probably going to get an unflappable level of Command, not sure what else.

SA Alfred Higgens - I threw some dice at the "One Roll Inheritors" personality generator (anyone have the link for that? All I've got is it saved in a Word doc), and pretty quickly figured out he's a family man with a young wife and a toddler, and that he is a closeted gay man. Dark secret with sneaking out at night to clubs and the like for anonymous hook-ups, in between bouts of telling himself he's "done with that part of my life". Not sure on powers yet, but I figure that kind of double life and dark secret has to generate some interesting powers.

SA Ron Taylor - Head of the crime lab, an older agent who also has his Ph.D. in Forensics. Smart but not condescending - the only one of the Special Agents thus far who hasn't talked down to Ms. Simcoe. Very curious about these powers, obviously!  I figure he'll get some kind of instant forensics powers, probably Hypermind, but haven't thought about it too much yet.

Ruby Walker - Taylor's Secretary. Haven't established much about her, aside from her being in mid-twenties. Chucking dice at the One Roll Inheritors Generator is inspiring me to see her with a very stable upbringing, close to her family whom she feels very obligated to. No clue on powers yet.

Anyway, if anyone wants to throw out power suggestions for any of these four, you feel entirely free! Generating all these empowered NPCs is a big part of the fun of Progenitor. :)

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