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[ORE] [Progenitor] Gods & G-Men - Jennifer Simcoe, Dan Young, and Brad Dockery

So next up, I'll fill you guys in on two more PCs whose powers have been defined. And then the NPC who is their shared power ancestor.

Jennifer Simcoe is a forensic scientist working for the FBI as support staff. Perhaps predictably for a female scientist working for law enforcement in 1968, she's had to deal with having her opinion not nearly as valued as it should be and her perspective ignored. She's got a loyalty to Women, and Passions for Science and New Technology.

She develops two powers - the first is Projective Empathy, which allows her to make someone else feel and see anything she has felt in the past. She can use it for simple information transfer - "Here's what the suspect looks like", as well as for more visceral purposes - "Here's what it felt like when I broke my arm in third grade". It doesn't do damage directly, but can be *very* distracting. It is essentially an "Illusions" power with Daze and No Physical Change, and the limitation that she can't make anyone experience something she hasn't experienced. Oh, and she can do it over a massive area, too.

Projective Empathy (11) 7d +1wd - 121 Points

Useful (Project Experiences): Daze +1, Duration +2, Radius +8,  If/Then (Only Things Jessica Has Experienced) -1, No Physical Change -1

Superspeed is represented by a combination of Hypercoordination, a Hyperrunning transportation power, a variation of the "Me First" power from Progenitor, plus the non-combat part of multitask and some points in Perception to round it off. The simpler stuff first:

Do One Task Fast (1) - 2hd - 4 Points

Useful (Reduce Time for Long Tasks): Duration +2, Self Only -3

Hypercoordination +8d +1wd - 48 Points

Hyperperception +2d - 2 Points

Hyperrunning (5) - 3d - 15 Points

Useful (Speed): Booster +2, No Physics +1

Now for the Me First variant. I decided instead of the rather clunky multiple actions power from Wild Talents, it just made more sense to throw in Spray to reduce multiaction penalties on everything. ADU, because it can be used to Augment anything, but an addition If/Then because it can only be used to add Extras - she can't forgo the Extras to add dice on to a pool. Otherwise, I copied the power from Progenitor:

Do Things Fast (16) - 10d - 160 Points

Attacks: Augment +4, Go First +2, Spray +1, If/Then (Only For Augment) -1, If/Then (Only to Add Extras to things helped by moving and thinking faste) - 1. Touch Only -2

Defends: Augment +4, Go First +2, Spray +1, If/Then (Only For Augment) -1, If/Then (Only to Add Extras to things helped by moving and thinking faste) -1

Useful: Augment +4, Go First +2, Spray +1, If/Then (Only For Augment) -1, If/Then (Only to Add Extras to things helped by moving and thinking faster) -1, Self Only -3

So basically she gets Go First +2 and Spray on everything she does, so long as it is something that can benefit from moving and thinking faster. Pretty sweet.

Now, Dan Young is a lot simpler. FBI Special Agent, older - he was a marine in WWII, and has a long career in law enforcement. He's currently assigned to COINTELPRO, investigating and undermining the New Left, the civil rights movement, etc. Loyalties to God and Country, Passion for Catching Clever Bad Guys.

Getting on in years and never married, he seems like he's always been distant and untouchable. Now...well, he can be really really distant and untouchable.

His first big power is a force field which surrounds him and looks like black glass in a more or less humanoid shape. He can't turn it off. That's pretty much who he is now - is there even a human underneath there? Who knows. This is pretty much Invulnerability with Always On, Obvious (no mistaking him for human anymore!), and no Light Armor because once you get 10HD in Interfering Defends you'll never take any damage in the first place.

That's Special Agent Young - he'll never take another point of damage.

Defends: Interference +3, Permanent +4, Always On -1, Obvious -1 (Capacities: Self)
Useful: Variable Effect +4, Self Only -3, If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for immunities) -1, Permanent +4, Always On -1, Obvious -1 (Capacities: Self)

Oh, and distant? He can be real distant. Can only bring himself, and it is slow so it isn't so useful in combat, but he's got a range of 133 AU.

Useful (Range) +12, Slow -2, Go Last -1 (Capacities: Range)

And to round it out, he's got some little boosts that are mostly side effects of his transformation into essentially a living forcefield. Including some Hard Dice in Navigation which means he can always find Earth, which I thought was especially wise.
Useful: None (Capacities: Speed)
UNAGING (U dud): 2 HD, 4 points
Useful: none (Capacities: Self)
HYPERSTAT (Body): +3 ND, 12 points
HYPERSTAT (Sense): +2 ND / +1 WD, 24 points
HYPERSKILL (Stability): +2 HD, 4 points
HYPERSKILL (Navigation): +2 HD, 4 points
HYPERSKILL (Intimidation): +2 ND / +1 WD, 6 points
HYPERSKILL (Athletics): +1 WD, 4 points

That's it for the PCs. Err, at least, for this issue. There's one PC left, another Special Agent, but he's still kind of fleshing out what he wants for powers.

And now their power ancestor, PFC Brad Dockery. He was in Vietnam fighting one moment, then he came across a young woman who teleported him home. He really just wants to stop time and maybe have things go back to the way they were... He can't roll back time for anyone but himself, but he can certainly make everyone else just STOP with a decent radius Time Fugue:

Time Fugue (17) - 10hd - 340 Points


Useful: Controlled Effect +1, Duration +2, Interference +3, Power Capacity (Mass) +2, Radius +4, Subtle +1

Straight out of the book, except for the Radius, Subtle, and Controlled - he can be selective with it, and people often don't even realize they've been Fugue'd except if they notice changing positions of other things, clocks that seem off, etc.

Plus, he can roll back himself. Essentially this is Regeneration that resets his whole body back to the way it was when he entered basic training. It doesn't do partial healing - the custom Flaw there is pretty much like a version of Delayed Effect - if he can heal all the damage he's suffered in one round, he will, but if not it'll delay until the next round until he eventually can "snap back" to being exactly the same as he was. This means if you can pour on enough hurt so he can't regenerate it all in one round his regeneration won't actually help him until you stop pouring on the hurt.

Hard Reset (5) - 6hd - 60 Points

Useful (Heal Damage): Engulf +2, Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Always On -1, All At Once -1

Useful (Reset everything else): Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Always On -1

If you've got any comments or insights, feel free to share them!

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