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[ORE] Reign - Company Rules Expanded

While I like the Company Rules in Reign, I do have to admit that I don't like Companies being so reliant on PCs or at least for the larger organizations to. So I've made some pretty basic changes to it and while I haven't had the chance to test it out I think it should work. 

What are Qualities?
Qualities are essentially the stats of your Company and the means by which they get things done. There are six qualities to keep track of and while, normally, Companies have a cap of six for Qualities but I've expanded it to ten for companies so that they can stand on their own if needed. The approximate levels of competence can roughly be construed below:

1-2: Terrible
3-4 : Poor
5-6: Average
7-8: Excellent
9-10: Superb

Typical bonuses and Penalties:
Catastropic Failure -4d
Major Failure: -3d
Significant Failure: -2d
Minor Failure: -1d
Stalemate: +0d
Minor Success: +1d
Significant Success: +2d
Major Success: +3d
Epic Success +4d

Company Levels
Not all companies are equal and it's not uncommon that they operate on entirely different scales. To help deal with that issue there are three levels on which it is assumed Companies operate. They are:

Local - Thieves Guild, Small Village, Mercenary Group
National - City-State, Influential Politician, 
Global - Empire, Deity 

When interacting with a Company on a higher level you take -4 dice from each Quality except Sovereignty for each level of difference. For clarification, a Local Company with Might 10, assuming that there are no assets or bonuses/penalties from PC actions, when attacking a National Company would now have Might 6 and if it had attacked a Global Company would have Might 2. 

The only thing left I can think of is how to deal with a Company when it shifts Levels, the requirements for that to take place, and XP changes. Currently, I'm thinking thinking that to advance to the next level you simply subtract four from each Quality and go on from there after meeting the prerequisites set by the GM. As for XP changes, I've got no idea on that front yet. 

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