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[ORE] [Wild Talents]Request for help with Character Creation, understanding Hyperstats, Hyperskills, and Power/Miracles

Hello Group,

I got a play a one shot using ORE and Wild Talents a few months ago and I fell in love.
Recently I talked my RP group into playing a superhero game and I knew I wanted to use Wild Talents.
One purchase from Drive Thru RPG later and I thought I'd be on my way, except I'm not.
The one shot that got me interested in the system provided pregen characters but now that I'm
trying to learn the character creation, I've found at first glance the process is anything but clear.

After several days of working at it I'm finally comfortable with Stats, Skills, and Archetypes.
But I'm still not sure how to do Hyperstats or Hyperskills or Powers.

I want to know if anyone would be willing to walk through creating a few different characters and answering my questions.
Things like, when do Hyperstats and Hyperskills come into play if their Power isn't augmenting them?
Pre-made Miracles exist but how do you calculate there dice pool?
What do some of the Power Capacities mean?

I'd like to cover this verbally if possible so if you can do VoIP like Google Hangouts, Skype, Teamspeak, Discord,  let me know.
I want help any way I can get it so any reply is welcome.

Thank you.

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