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[Seattle Go Center] SDK Tonight - Endgame Practical Study

Hi all! We're going to experiment with something a bit different tonight.

I recently reviewed a game with one of my students which was decided in the end by a 0.5 point margin. In such an agonizingly close game, I saw many chances for both sides in the endgame stage to take the lead...

We're going to rewind that game about 50-75 moves from the end and play through it in pairs to see how our individual results vary from the actual result, discuss where the most important areas are and how to count them, and examine what the real result of the game should've been if both sides had played perfectly (or at least, as perfectly as an AGA 5d can play).

As always, we'll have time for game reviews - this would be a great opportunity to review any games you might have from last weekend's tournament!

Hope to see you tonight at 7pm!
Peter Nelson 5d

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