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[ORE] Help! Wild Talents: Shadowrun Drain Flaw

Hi all,

I'm running a game of Shadowrun using Wild Talents and am modelling the different aspects (Magic, Cyberware, Adepts and Martix/Cyberspace) using WT miracles with required extras and flaws depending on the power type.

The players all love the setting and system, except for the Shaman, who doesn't like how magic has been converted over. A big part of the problem is how I've handled drain - feedback magicians can take when channelling magic.

Drain: The effort of manipulating mana can exhaust or even injure a magician. As mana is a form of energy, channeling greater quantities of that energy may strain the body and mind. The effect of this strain is referred to as Drain.

Here's how I modelled it in WT to begin with.

NEW FLAW: Drain (-1): Every time you use your power, you take a point of Shock damage to the torso (or whatever counts as your core hit location).

Based on feedback (the player doesn't like rolling and when magic is unsuccessful but even more, he hates taking damage each time he uses his powers), I've come up with the following work around.

I wanted to try and find a One Roll option, but couldn't figure out an elegant option.

NEW FLAW: Drain (-1): When you roll dice for a power with the drain flaw, each loose die of 6 or higher (called Flare) inflicts a point of shock damage. This damage is summed and can be resisted by a Command + Endurance roll in which each point of width reduces the damage by one. All shock damage received from drain is applied to the torso (or whatever counts as your core hit location).

I'd love any thoughts or suggestions.


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