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[ORE] Re: [Wild talents] first steps

With the if/then "only for wand" i was inntending only for variable effect and also only for building wand. Using 2 if/then was looking too good.

For delayed effect i copied it form the gadgeteer power. Is it wrong or errata'ed?

Boosting the occult skill was something i was thinking about. And spray seems realy good!

Another idea i was thinking about, was using a power to go and send people in a shadow realm. The idea is thah you still percive the other realm, but could not interact in any way with the other.

The problem i have is:
Is enough to have a useful power to send stuff in the other dimension?

Or should i buy an attached power of aromr, as high as possible, to rapresent the inability to hurt target across dimension? Like 10HD of armor with if/then "only across dimension"?

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