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[Seattle Go Center] Cherry Blossom Festival Outreach and Games This Weekend

Dear Volunteers,


We have plenty of room at Cherry Blossom Festival, so more teachers are welcome.   This is the Japanese Culture festival that is in several buildings at Seattle Center, underneath the Space Needle.  We are in the Armory in the “Loft”, one floor above the food court.  We are basically in the same place as last year, but we are away from the door this time, which will be a good thing when the Taiko drumming starts!  We will be teaching until 5 pm today, Friday, and from 10 – 5 on both Saturday, April 21, and Sunday, April 22.  Right now, our three teachers are very busy.  We have three teachers scheduled for tomorrow as well.


Notes on handicapped access:  at present, only the old elevator at the north end of the building is working.  When you take the elevator, select “3”; it will take you to the newly renovated “Loft”, which is also labeled “2”.  I am not making this up.




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