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[Seattle Go Center] Myungwan Kim - simuls 6pm Thursday; Connect Go report

Hello fellow Go fans,

I want to express gratitude to Mr. Myungwan Kim for generously teaching us about Go while he's in Seattle.

Mr. Kim played several games simultaneously last Saturday. He'll be playing simuls again tomorrow, at 6:30pm (not 6:00 as previously reported). We have four signed up, and room for four more. If you played Mr. Kim on Saturday, you can sign up again, but preference will go to those who haven't played him yet. If you're interested in participating, email programs@SeattleGo.org

Yesterday, Mr. Kim covered "Connect Go" in some depth, and a bunch of us got to try it out. Mr. Kim has identified some of the barriers that prevent some new players from enthusiastically adopting the game (like, uncertainty about where to play; not being able to tell who's winning; not being sure when the game is finished), and Connect Go largely mitigates them. Though Connect Go was developed to help neurologically atypical individuals, I think it will be generally useful for familiarizing children younger than about 2nd grade with the rules and good shapes of Go. It also can be used to teach basic mathematical concepts.
Mr. Kim, with support from the Korean government and the Korean Baduk Association, has donated a dozen Connect Go sets to the Go Center, and we will be developing a system for loaning (or possibly giving) them out to Go teachers. If you're interested, connect with Chris Kirschner on a Tuesday.
You may be wondering if you can play Connect Go with ordinary Go equipment; and the answer is "Yes, kind of". Connect Go uses an 11x11 board, for example. (Mr. Kim tried 9x9 and 13x13 -- too small, too large -- and found 11x11 to be the just right "Goldilocks" size.) Also, some of the Connect Go stones come with pre-printed numbers. I'm pretty sure that a creative player could make the necessary adjustments.

Friday, Mr. Kim is heading to Portland, OR. On the way, he's planning to visit a Baduk club in Lakewood to play simuls there, 1:00-3:00pm.

See you soon at the Go Center,

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs Manager

email: programs@SeattleGo.org
web: www.SeattleGo.org
Go Center phone: 206-545-1424

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