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[Seattle Go Center] Wed DDK to SDK: AI star-point kick invasions

Hi Go Fans!

Do you know the AI invasion sequences after the star-point kick (see following figure)?

This Wed 1/29 6-8pm at the Seattle Go Center, we will have a lesson on AI recommended invasions sequences after the star-point kick. Lecture will take up the first hour and then I will be available afterwards for game reviews (feel free to play games among yourselves after lecture too!).

I would like to tailor my lectures to students' needs. So if you are new to my lectures and are planning to join, please email me at sls19050@gmail.com with the following:
1) your name and rank
2) challenges that you face, or just a recent game (link to OGS or sgf file)

Feel free to email me Go-related questions (or games) so that you get the kind of content that you want in future Go lectures!

Thank you and I look forward to see you!



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