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[Seattle Go Center] Youth Fun Tournament tomorrow + other events soon

Hello Seattle Go Enthusiasts,

Today is Chinese Lunar New Year, so Happy Year of the Rat / Mouse! Here are the Go events coming up soon.

Youth Fun Go Tournament is TOMORROW at 1pm!
This is a friendly tournament for children at all levels of play. Prizes will include books, equipment, and fun things. No entry fee. Children choose whether they want to play on 13x13 or 19x19 boards. The 13x13 games probably will finish earlier than 5pm. We will have snacks around 3 pm.

Monday, Jan. 27 - Battle of the Nicks - 6:30-8:30pm
Nick Sibicky returns with the (free!) Double-Digit Kyu class (for players about 20k to 5k; all are welcome). Our AGA Chapter Rep, Nick Wilmes, will challenge him to a demo game! (This was supposed to be Jan. 13th, but was postponed due to weather.) Come enjoy spectacle, and learn from the Nicks' mistakes!

Tuesday, Jan. 28 - Year of the Small Cute Rodent
The Go Center will celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese food from China First, a U District Chinese restaurant. The food will be here about 5:30. Bonus happiness points to players who use Chinese-style scoring in their Go / Weiqi games that day!

Wednesday, Jan. 29 - DDK to SDK - 6pm-8pm
Jonathan returns with the (free!) Double-Digit Kyu to Single-Digit Kyu class, aimed at players in the roughly 12k-5k range. It got off to a decent start last week with 7 students, and hopefully it will keep growing from there!

Thursday, Jan. 30 - Open 2pm-9pm for friendly games
Thursday, Jan. 30 - Complete Beginners - 6:30-8:30pm
Learn the rules and get pointers on the fundamentals of Go with Larry!

Saturday, Feb. 1 - Open 11am-8pm for friendly games
Saturday, Feb. 1 - Programming Computer Go - 5pm-7pm
Join Drew for session 2.5 of the rebooted Programming Computer Go series! I think (he can correct me if I'm mistaken) he has covered getting Python installed on your computer, and how to use Git and GitHub, and how to containerize your code, and some of the history of AI. I think he's hoping to get into actually writing code soon. It's not too late to join the meetup -- you still can get caught up pretty quickly.

Saturday, Feb. 1 - Nerd Fair Con at Lynnwood Convention Center - 10am-6pm
This is a pretty new and energetic convention, and the Go Center has a table where we can teach Go to new players! It's going to be a lot of fun. There will be manga and comics arts, cosplay and LARPing, many kinds of table and board games, all sorts of vendors, and of course GO!

Sunday, Feb. 2 - Superb Owl* Day Go Tournament - 10am-5pm
The Go Center generally is closed Sundays, except for tournaments the first Sunday of the month. In February, our Go tournament day just happens to coincide with a famous American football tournament, called Superb Owl. The Go tournament is just for fun and AGA ratings, so there's no entry fee (also no prizes, other than bragging rights).
To play, you do have to be a member of the American Go Association to play (see https://www.usgo.org/join-aga-today for details), and Go Center admission policies apply (see https://www.seattlego.org/membership/ -- basically, kids are free; adults, first 10 visits free; after that, there are various paid membership options).
Please register at the Go Center, 10-10:45am. There are 3 rounds of play, and the first round starts at 11:00. You don't have to play all 3 rounds -- just let the Tournament Director know your plans. Lunch (after the first round) is on your own -- fast food is available nearby, but we recommend you bring your lunch. The second round generally begins sometime between 12:30 and 1pm, but it could be earlier if everyone is back from lunch and ready. The third round is almost always done by 4:30 or 5pm.
Tournaments are a fun way to challenge yourself with serious games, and many friendships have been forged in the fires of tournament competition.

See you soon at the Go Center,

Mike Malveaux
Seattle Go Center Programs Manager

email: programs@SeattleGo.org
web: www.SeattleGo.org
Go Center phone: 206-545-1424

* Thanks for the laughs, Daniel Top!

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